[POTD] Question: Knobs

Hey what you do with knobs?

  • I use it as an eating utensil, it works well
  • I use it as all-purpose door-opener
  • I attach them to people to try to have them open up to me

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Looking at the quote “There’s no time to explain”, isn’t that just explaining there’s no time to explain?

my door knob is half demon half …fallen angel?

oh yeah I haven’t making the plot of Borbenibenigus uh y’know progress yet… uh okay bye

borben lives!! Just kidding… xd’d!

anyways i was thinking of making my own story related to vesteria. It had to do with Admiral Hugo and the Port City

oh interesting, also I’m gonna actually stop making the story of borben, because honestly it literally goes nowhere.

You guys are so close minded eating utensil pffft i eat the door knob dummies

i use my knobs how i eat my chairs when i drive my tables ontop of trees