[POTD] Question: Hard Times

Hard times are usually mentioned as going through something rough and whatnot. Wouldn’t it also be interesting if time was materialized into an actual object rather described by time machines? Still since this is purely imagination time in a sense could literally be matieralized into anything as its form is not described. (okay this one has an interesting premise but it doesn’t really make sense)

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  • Lemme explain how this works… (post this in replies or something)

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What stuff you guys think is in line for this next vesteria update other than blue steel chests if they get added this update. Although unlikely since there’s not really rare gear unless they get added this update? Sometime in the future I hope Vesteria will have seasonal events although from my perspective it seems very likely. Some reasons why I guess but don’t want to explain them.

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The real only way you can have time as a real thing is through the fourth dimension. The thing is the fourth dimension is out of our 3d world. The only way to change the past is by doing something in the future, and some things are not able to be changed. We cannot go in the past, because damage has been already done.

You do not materialize time because [Insert valid reason on my why can’t materialize time here], also: Spiders doing the cha-cha-cha are the best.