[POTD] Question: Enjoyment

Have you guys been enjoying the Vest areas?

  • yeah I’ve been liking it
  • I don’t like the game at all, I just very really like it more than like
  • I’m still awake from grinding last night.

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This game is so darn fun!

You forgot a “I don’t have the game yet” option!!

I’ve simply went under my own ideas. Presuming that the people of this forum would be populated with those who have purchased Paid Access, I did not think of that.

I’ve spent a good bit of time grinding, but there’s nothing really engaging in the game

yeah kinda milked all the content day 1, i don’t plan on becoming mega jesus with max gear, but i’ll play whenever theres new stuff to do


You for Mrs. I don’t spare Robux but am too active here.