[POTD] Question: chuh at room

you guys tea hink vesteria this kord will get a chuh at room at paid access?

  • sure why the don’t
  • no, I like forums better than you’re crippling ideas
  • Over here, it’s easier to look at posts. :joy:

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I’m hoping PA doesn’t get delayed again, but if it does, oh well more content.

I personally like the forums a lot more, and they’ll be more active as soon as we have a regular player-base providing constant feedback.

It’s hard to have intelligent and trackable discussion on discord.

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Oh no! I won’t be able to track what’s happening if it’s more active :pensive:

Edit: In my opinion, forums are way more professional for whatever reason so I like your idea.

There ARE pros and cons, but overall, I think forums are better, easier to track bug reports, less people inclined to break rules, lots of things. The only major problem is the speed of communication, which is much slower than communication in a Discord.

Which is good to hold spam on the other hand?

Yea, it’s a lot harder to spam here, considering you have 1 minute waits to reply.

I do miss using discord

I do kind-of wish they had a discord chat room but I think this may be more practical for what the devs need