[POTD] Question: Chair Reviews

Lately it has been feeling dry despite it raining recently so I guess it’s mild. No real chair appreciation posts have been made recently so I guess I’ll stop start making them again. Okay here’s the real question of Poll Of The Day which occurs daily at any moment any given time that isn’t taken already.

Would you make a chair-related post?

  • yes
  • no
  • just for the chairs

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Wait aren’t these choices a bit similar?

Hi if you did choose you were I’d like to see one within a few days. Replies as for me wouldn’t count but under many jurisdictions of many judges and data I collected from my brain and irrelevant polls that aren’t real, replies count as posts.

I feel as though Vesteria has been missing the greatest aspect of its name. Where the heck are the Vest Areas?

Lately these posts have been more random and supposedly if I remember, some people did want them to be more random so I guess they are @avoiided and @TheOfficialSin wait what’s this you may have not been the ones requesting this? Oh well accept this notice about more chairs.

Last bit, I’ll make a new chair review today later.


what time later today because i would like to be a guest star in your reviews

Oh… well you see the thing is… the pictures were already collected weeks ago… there’s very few chairs to review nonetheless, more or so there’ll only be 2 in this review since there are barely any chairs.

oh… ok

Gave me an idea of what I could do. I could make multiple parts to a single area that’ll cover some chairs in one review and chairs in another review. Which means more chances to be a guest

Why is this even a thing.

because POTD started it all Question: chairs

Yeah, I saw that. :neutral_face: well uh… good luck with your chair stuff.