[POTD] Question: Candies

isn’t Halloween a great way for kids to get into eating actual chairs?

  • yes
  • Yes.
  • Not yes, I would prefer to agree, not go with yes.
  • No, it would not, because kids already love chairs.

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If you see anyone dressed up as a chair, do not eat them, because they would not taste good, just eat the costume.



MMMMmmmm Chairs

Also don’t eat people, its a law :smiley:

Because. :angry:

It’s actually not illegal to eat people, it’s just that to get the body you likely would have had to do something illegal (be it murder, desecrating a grave or grave robbing, etc)

Woah, good to know. I’ll definitely not consider it.

Halloween is only good so kids can get some exercise and walk

While at the same time loading themselves with candy. Thaz why peeps gain weight after Halloween.


I’m telling berezaa that you’re a 100% confirmed cannibal