[POTD] Quest tin: Chairs Exploration

I’m still waiting for all kinds of chairs example throne, also I want to be able to craft chairs, that would be a cool idea. :smirk:

  • I all sole want to craft chairs
  • i want to get them as drops
  • i want to fish for chairs

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I just want more chairs. I plan on exploring Nilgarf and some more areas for chairs.

Crafting in general would be a cool addition to the game. Makes those materials we gather from killing enemies useful other than selling them for money.

you do understand this is a s*it post? right?

The guy likes chairs, let him be him.

I’m talking to you

Even if its a

Suggesting a good idea won’t hurt anyone.

I’m talking about how you shouldn’t post suggestions on a s*it post…
not that the suggestion is bad.
get it together man

It shouldn’t matter where I decide to post suggestions. I just thought it was a good idea at the spot.


not filler


I Want Chairs Too!