Post Your Most Prized Possession

Ill start: Screenshot_4


Dang, nice mace. What scrolls did you get to make it 95 damage?

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GET OUT please

one ancient and six greats chief :sunglasses:
ur mans got greedy and failed another ancient tho so

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Wow thanks, I’m going to have to buy another mace lol.

im in the process of trying to get two ancients on one mace lol :33333 god bless

amen :pray:

the hat obviously

billy is my most prized possession ;)))

drop your mace no balls you wont

I call my mace, Bob. He’s my prized possession.

Well my most prized possession was a fishing rod that I earned legit (a.k.a. I didn’t buy it.) except for one small problem, Its icon looks like a wooden sword. So when I was selling abunch of weapons I got from farming crabs I uh, well… you know… sold it… and now I am very sad and I spent 2 hours trying to get another one and still haven’t got one. Guess I know what I’m doing tomorrow.

of course my most prized possesion is my lvl 30 hunter hehe :wink:

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How are you already level 30

Well, if you grinded at spiders for about 14 hours with max weapon that should make you lvl 30.

P.S im not the first lvl 30, the first lvl 30 is a nerd called logiebogie

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he is in this thread :333

I know this >:C

Oof devolutioner you got beat?

Not trying to be a one-upper but…
I’m sure there are others with a better weapon than mine ; )

i H E C K I N did got beat by logie :frowning:

ye i saw ur stats post, is this two ancient and five great scrolls??