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Dark Shroud

Class: Warlock (When subclasses are added)

Level Requirement: 20-25

Appearance: A dark purple and black hood with ancient letters going along the rim. The hood will cover the player’s face and instead make the eyes of the player Bright purple, which would be the only visible things on the face (The rest of the face will be black)

Bio: A hood flowing with Dark Magic, the kind of magic that would make any man insane.

Stats: 8 INT 25 DEF

Price: 35-40 Silver

Dark Robes

Class: Warlock (When Subclasses are added)

Level Requirement: 25-30

Appearance: Dark Purple and Black robes with ancient lettering along the middle-rim and sleeves.

Bio: Dark robes, not meant to be worn by any but the masters of Dark Magic.

Stats: 10 INT 30 DEF

Price: 75 Silver

Example of what this could look like:

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