Possible Warlock Ultimate

So, as many of you might know, subclasses are soon to get “ultimate abilities”, akin to “Final Smashes” or “Limit Breaks”, which are powerful moves that take a long time to be ready for use.

For this Warlock Ultimate, I suggest a move I call “Horcrux”. You place it down wherever you were when you used the skill. Then, when your HP drops to 0, you cannot be Resurrected nor suffer death penalty. Instead, you immediately respawn at 10% HP where you placed the Horcrux. The skill remains in use until you either use its ability or leave the map. You cannot use the skill again while it is in use. It would work once, then be done.

To me, this just kinda fits the “Warlock” vibe. When I think of “Warlock”, I think, dark magic like Horcruxes, and other binding things like that fit. This skill wouldn’t make Warlocks very overpowered, as a Warlock with Dark Ritual and Pillage Vitality will NEVER die if they do it right. Use MP to regain HP and deal damage, use that HP to regain MP, repeat.

If y’all see any potential problems arising from this, just post them in the comments below. I have troubleshot the problems I have seen.

hmmm where have i seen this word before?

Yes, it is based loosely off of J.K. Rowling’s popular Harry Potter series.

I harvested the base of the idea from Ssundee’s old Murder Run series, which in turn was based off Harry Potter.

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if this gets added then the sword of gryffindor will be added as a warrior weapon, a basilisk fang as hunter weapon and fiendfyre as a mage spell

otherwise there wouldnt be a way to destroy warlocks horcruxes!

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You can’t destroy the Horcruxes at all, that’s why they’re single use. If those were to be added, they would have to be multi-use.

yes it was just a joke since u started with the harry potter first :man_shrugging:

also each of those fit pretty well into each class lol

Yeah kinda but the sword technically isn’t magic, it’s just made of better materials.

Tbh my friends say i look like harry potter

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Weird flex but ok.

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why would the sword have to be magical??

it’s a warrior weapon and warriors dont have magic

If this was an ultimate move, it would just be “oh hey cleric, you want to be useful? yea sure you can res me. SIKE. HA. GOTTEEEMM!!1!111!”

If you’re going to base it off Harry Potter, perhaps have 7 fragments that you can hold for a small boost/place down. Whenever you die a fragment shatters, fragments could also break then attacked (if placed down).

I don’t think that would be a good idea either, but just some idea fodder for you.

Does this sound a bit too… OP?

Not really op, it’s actually kinda useless.

As a warlock you rarely die from mobs the same level as you do this could be used as a safety net during bosses, but isn’t that what clerics are for?

Also, if you’ve ever played apex legends this seems similar to revenant’s ultimate. Perhaps make it so multiple people can use the horcrux and they all come back?

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Clerics are somewhat rare, as most people play solo and thus don’t make clerics. Some clerics don’t have res, and it is also quite likely that multiple people could be dead.

Yea that is true, perhaps have the warlock be able to let others join in on the horcrux but at the cost of some life?

Remember, horcrux is single use.

Also Warlocks losing HP for a skill is a literal JOKE, Pillage Vitality + Dark Ritual is OP, spend MP to regain HP and deal dmg, use said HP to regain MP, it’s an infinite loop.

Not a bad idea although I kinda want warlocks ultimate to be buffed simulacrum or pv and/dark ritual.

Pillage and ritual are probs gonna stay normal warlock skills.

For an Ultimate this is better.