[POLL]: Would you prefer a subreddit or a forum for Vesteria?

  • Forum
  • Subreddit
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idk wut a subreddit is so imma go with forum XD

i like forums better just because i think so

A Subreddit Is Just Where People Post Images, It Is On The Website “Reddit” Hence The Name “Subreddit”.

Meh def a forum :stuck_out_tongue:

We already have this forum, so what’s the point

Make Two Forums Then.

wait what?

Make Three Forums Then.*

Im already ahead of you, I’m in the process of making my 69th Forum.

I’m Making The 420th Vesteria Forum As Well As My 1337th Forum!

I have made over 9000 forums get rekt yo

Woah calm down now. No need for violence here good sirs.

I honestly feel like a subreddit would be much more useful where there would be images/thumbnails if theres a video and it basically has the same features. If you wanted to look at only bugs then you totally could, it just feels easier and is less cluttered in my opinion.