Poll: Wiping Vesteria on Return

Recently, a tweet was made from the Vesteria Twitter account with this screenshot:

At first glance, this seems like a pretty normally screenshot showing some reworked items made for Adventurers; however, if you look closer, you may notice something interesting about the “Weapon Attack” numbers. Notice that these level 4 weapons have between 3-5 Attack. Now this is significant, because if you compare it to the Wooden Sword before shutdown, that was level 3, but had 26 base Weapon Attack.

From this, one can reasonably draw the conclusion that damage, defence, health, everything is being reworked into a new, somewhat less “high numbers” based system. This; however, obviously poses a major issue, which is how to make the new system work with current saves, especially with the current enchantment system and weapons and everything.

That’s why, I want to bring it to a poll:
Without considering the benefits/drawbacks to yourself, do you think that Vesteria should have a wipe on return?

  • Yes
  • No

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Edit: Second poll now:
Would you continue playing Vesteria if your data was wiped?

  • Yes
  • No

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Absolutely. It might not have been nessesary back then, but since Vesteria is changing for the better, it’s inevitable. You can’t really test this system better than having brand new slots.

Besides, We’ve all needed a bit of a fresh start, no?

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insert i am inevitable meme here

damage, and who knows how many systems will be reworked will probably require a reset
all for it at this point

I agree, however:

  • Pets should all be kept, some people paid in some way and some people grinded for a low low chance.
  • Guilds should be kept since it costs tons of gold to upgrade those, and it would be a let-down to the members of the guild if it were to be reset. It also opens up the risk of big guilds having their name stolen if the original leader is not fast enough to remake their guild.
  • Ethyr should be kept, because they were paid for.
  • Dyed, nametag’d, or inknquill’d items should be kept somehow if possible.
  • Ethyr items should be kept.

Before you reply to this post, keep in mind that our slots don’t matter as much as we think they do

There better be something AWESOME in for those who had save data prior to this hypothetical wipe. At least keep something like Ethyr, dyes, pets, and other stuff that you can no longer obtain. They especially ,hypothetically, should make level grinding less of a slog.

uh, no? you dont get a reward for existing pal

Tell that to the Alpha players.

They paid for alpha, you didn’t. That isn’t my fault

I paid for Beta, this isn’t anyone’s fault.



The only way I will agree with this if ethyr/ethyr items and pets like mushroom and spider pet are kept as people spent money on these things and it would be absolutely horrible just to wipe it all

refresh the page i edited my reply

they paid for alpha :woman_shrugging:

Cool. I paid for beta.

Ok you paid for beta. And? so did i

I am going to assume this weapon attack system is one of many changes coming to Vesteria. The best way to ensure it is efficient is to completely wipe the game and allow players to experience this new system from a natural perspective. Likewise the enchanting system is getting reworked (90% sure its coming) so there wouldn’t be any other choice than to wipe all slots.

having the players start from scratch simulates the natural feel of how a regular player first encountering Vesteria would go through. A wipe also allows more accurate feedback from the community thus in return improving the game.

Yes, we all did. If we hypothetically get our data wiped, something should be in it for us, yes?

Its a hypothetical data wipe, not an official release or something. It doesn’t matter if you bought beta or alpha