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This post will contain all the polls I create. Well except the ones that are closed, those are not spoken of here. This post will be updated every single day, if you’re looking for the Poll of The Day, search up “Poll Of The Day Zone” in the forum’s search inquiry, if you want to look for the a poll.


Like most people, you're probably wondering, why should I vote on Polls that aren't even relevant, like that Halloween one, since it already passed away or why how should I do vote?

1. Vote if you want to, these are really just for comedic purposes.

Like most people, you're probably wondering, why didn't I just name a singe post [POTD] and then edited it to add a poll every single day?

1. Hey look, no one even asks, this question wasn’t even asked by anyone in fact no one sends me these questions.

Like most people, you're probably wondering, why did you make these questions.

1. These are meant to educate the people, for the people, by the people.

Like most people you're probably wondering, why did I even start making polls.

1. nil
I shall call this world… Desolandia… yes this suits this world very well… I have traveled many lands… worlds perhaps, and each world… is barren, all of it is empty, there’s nothing new and nothing interesting. It’s all empty hence, the name Desolandia, a combination of desolate and land, interesting. That’s only one world… I wonder where I’ll end up next.

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Extra 1: Hellfire and Chairs
Welcome to my journal of cooking chairs. As you all know it, I’m an expert in fine dining as you can already tell by any mention of chairs is clearly mention of fine cuisine. Today I’ll be simple and I’ll be starting off with a simple chair recipe. First of all we’ll need chairs, the main ingredient today. Where exactly will we find these chairs you may wonder, reader, reading my journal… well it’s that they are shaped like seats but are edible. It’s confusing but it’s true. Anyways first we’ll need to first find some fresh seasonings to put on this chair… hm I’ve heard the herbs are often used in medicinal situations and cases of delicious food. Yummy, but we’ll need the sauce… yes sauce… I know, I’ll squash some tomatoes and let the chair sit in that overnight. Now here are the steps how I cooked it.
First things first, you need to find some wild tomatoes fresh out of the wild, like wild they are the color green you know, green tomatoes, green sauce? Yup that’s it. After doing so you must wait overnight as tempted some of you might be, there are some other ways you can eat this chair. You can slice it into pieces and let it sink into the sauce for a few hours, then let put the herbs on which should be red, onto the chair as it dries. As it is done drying you can now enjoy it by cooking on a nice fire. Now for those of you who like a nice roasted chair, proceed with the chair being covered in the sauce overnight. After 6 hours put herbs on it then move the pieces so they’ll proportionally have the same amount of herbs then you can wait until the next day for meal time. Cook until a nice golden-color and it’ll be ready to eat after a few minutes. That’s all today readers… knowing this, the readers who will read this will most likely be…

So Many Polls! There Are Endless!

OooWoOwowoOOoOO eNdleSSSssSs fUnNNNn

That’s a lotta polls

We can never have enough polls!

I would like some philosophical polls that are relevant to moral and ethic dilemma.

Hmm, I wonder how you hid this?

There’s also something about Desolandia… lol


If you don’t know the ways of secret forums messaging then you shall never know


Very good… but do you know how to read the messages?

Very good… but do you know how to read the messages?

Nope. Idk how


epic indeed

You don’t need to include the <./small> If you are only making things small and nothing after it needs to be big again @Fooberr