Poll: Lower body warrior armor

Hey everyone. I noticed that someone made a poll based on a discussion that we had in-game, and I wanted to present some key points about the subject and then let you voice your thoughts here in a centralized way.

We want to add knee pads to warrior armor, along with eventual full lower-body armor:


The question is, should the knee pads be a separate item that you have purchase, equip & scroll, or should they be automatically included in the warrior armor slot that we have now?

Some important things to note

  • There will be no stat difference. Whether we go with a single slot or two slots, overall defense will be the same.
  • Armor scrolling may be changed so that scrolling two pieces of armor wouldn’t be inherently better than scrolling one piece
  • We hear you on better customization. We have plans to roll out additional hairs, shirts, pants, skins and more, as well as plans to potentially introduce a system that would allow you to tint your equipment with a dye. Finally, we’re looking at non-stat changing cosmetic slots, such as capes for warriors and cloaks for hunters, kinda like what Admiral Hugo has.

So basically, all other things constant, would you prefer that warrior armor be handled like mage robes (one slot) or should it be separated into lower and top?

Please discuss in the comments below and then input your opinion:

  • Separate slots
  • Single slot

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Question: If separate slot wouldn’t that mean it would take up more space in inventory?

as long as it gets cheaper

Potentially, yes. If enemies were dropping top and bottom parts, you may end up carrying more stuff.


Don’t vote based on price or stats. Assume both will be the same regardless of which choice you pick.


Still gets my vote, just hopeful it will be

got my vote! and i has the idea for lots warrior stuff, I posted it on my account. go check it out if you’d like.

Pretty cool idea, seems awesome in the fact that we could customise our characters better before potential vanity slots are added, and mix up different bits of armour!

since I think this that having to scroll only 1 piece of armour will be cheaper than having to scroll 2 pieces of armour, I think it should be a single set.

sure, if scrolls were made 2x as cheap then I wouldn’t be against it being a separate thing since this could lead to WAY more customization and flexibility with loadouts and just items in general.

this is a thing of cash more then a thing of preference

i like the idea of 2 slots

we can also do something where you can get a piece of equipment that takes up two slots
such as a big mages robe, and then have equipment that will be used in the individual slots, a shirt and some pants

for instance, having to scroll only 1 piece of armour would be cheaper then to scroll a set of armour + once robux scrolls get added, I don’t think I will be willing to cash out 2x the robux just to get the same set I could have gotten if the armour was in one piece

Yes, this would be great. More customization the better!

Oooo. That looks really good.


I do understand ur point tho

I really dont play warrior that much but I think having more customization for them could be cool.

@berezaa earlier today u beat me by 29HP in a duel! I would like a rematch!

2 slots due to i like the way it is right now. So you can mix and match.

If we are getting lower body armor, can it look a bit more like armor? i know if i was fighting with swords and actual weapons i probably wouldnt use skateboard pads, know its a tiny issue but feel like the armor so far has looked way to small in proportion to model (looking at that spider armor gives me nightmares of wearing shirts 2 sizes too small)

love how early I am in replying B)

while I do agree that the knee pads offer little protection, you have to consider the fact that this is level 10-20 armour. we’ll be rocking epic full body boss armour at level 70 to flex in the future

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