Points For Books Or Whatever

It doesn’t make sense how you will have like 9 extra skill points for your Class book (mage, hunter, warrior) but you can’t use any of them to get your adventurer book max, it’s kind of dumb. You should be able to distribute the points you get for books to any books, not the most current one. Poly had mentioned in game that adventurer was going to get better stages, 3 more books leading to deathmaster or something, the 3 extra book slots after your subclass. So we’re just gonna be missing 2 points from each of those or we’re going to be able to max out any of those books?? Like it’s just kind of dumb and should be changed. I hope you understand what i’m saying, i’m writing this in a rush

I agree

Its supposed to be like that. Berezaa said you’re supposed to spend those ability points wisely. As for having extra skill points for which class you go to, they haven’t worked that far. They are supposed to cut off when you reach a level where you can pick your subclass.

But what’s the point? Lol.

dont ask me