Plz plz plz, a hunter hybrid subclass

I noticed that there is no hunter subclass for people who like to switch between their bow and their dagger. (I’m one of those people). We kinda need a subclass where you can switch between these two weapons cuz not many people just stick to one weapon. Also just one question. With subclasses, will we still have access to normal skills for hunters/mages/warriors?
if we don’t, it could effect gameplay and pvp a lot. like a lot a lot. (healers and party based subclasses will not do much damage, and will get rekt in arena)

The devs are working on a system where hunter subclasses can wield a dagger in one hand and a bow in another hand. And of course you can still use your normal class abilities, if you couldn’t that would be like not being able to use adventurer abilities just because you had a class…

Trickster is for switching between bow and dagger, hence why their skills are for both. You will also still have access to your previous skills (you didn’t lose adventurer skills upon becoming a hunter, for example)

im not the biggest fan of trickster, cuz the moves don’t really fit with the playstyle of the hunter, but ok

Trickster subclass has skills for melee and bow if you want to rely on both.