Please lower the price for vesteria by 650 robux just for Christmas please please please

I really want to play the game. It was my favorite game during testing. I would get up and be hyped all day on the Saturdays for the game to open. I have 650 robux and would really like the game. Mind lowering it to 650 just for today?

Unfortunately, that likely won’t happen.

However, the price will stay consistent, and Beta will come in 5 months, costing 100 Robux.

5 months? :frowning:

Yes, but there will be a lot more content for a Beta release, so it will be worth the wait.

Yup, currently, I think that Vesteria doesn’t have enough content for level 20-30 players. Once beta comes out, hopefully, the content it releases will speed up people’s progress and doesn’t make them feel our pain lol.