Please fix mobile GUI

As you can see here, jump and pickup are impossible thanks to UI change, fix this please

Already known bug but yeah old UI you could jump more often (Stat rework and UI rework) now it’s kinda impossible (I could, just gotta tap on the side)

Yeah many people already complained and the devs said they would fix it


I do believe they said they’d work on this after they get whatever the Mac bug is fixed, as mobile is still a beta of the beta.

And they need to change the hotbar it’s not like PC where you can just press a button on your keyboard and you use the action… you actually have to tap it and it’s hard with such a big screen having to get out of your comfort zone to tap a button on the bottom side of the screen they should’ve just kept the old one for mobile players and the new hotbar for pc players because ever since the new update mobile gameplay just isnt the same… and the buttons dont even match up with the item slots.