Please fix gravestone collision

The hitbox for graves stones are much bigger than the gravestones and the way the hitbox is made, you slide off the top, which is good since it stops people from stacking them. But lets just that, for some reason, berezza added a boss that’s just a pillar. Now lets say to kill it, tons of people ran up to it and died. This causes a barrier that not only traps loot, but makes it impossibly hard to get the loot. And, just an added bonus, this causes the segments off the boss not to fall. Yep. In my opinion, this calls for gravestones to be reworked.

I personally think you should just be able to walk through the gravestones, this would also allow for people to not glitch out shop keepers and make them go nuts

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Yeah I agree, don’t know why I didn’t think of that.

Or they could just get rid of gravestones in general and use little souls that are floating+ you can run through them for clerics to be able to revive

Changed category to #gameplay-improvements:gameplay-balance as I don’t believe it is a bug.

I also wish gravestones didn’t collide.

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Gets even more annoying when you can’t even shoot arrows through the dang things.

Berezza said something about adding a new death penalty and how it would teleport you someplace different so I think players would be more careful about dying, meaning less grave stones.

I just hope they fix BS deaths before then, like from lag on Forsaken Isle and whatnot. Or smoothing out terrain so I don’t get caught and die from that while I’m trying to run.

I personally really like gravestones, they can make it easier to kill Guardians b/c their collision blocks the rocks. I’m a level 26 Hunter with the best shop armor I can get (full Great scrolled), and they STILL deal over 100 damage each time they hit me. Not to mention that half the time the rock’s hitbox isn’t where the rock is, so I wind up having to spend a minute to solo kill a Guardian with a +10 Spider Fang Dagger (full Great scrolled).
Also, players often don’t die close to Guardians, so it is essentially just a shield. And in Redwood Pass (really the only place this would be relevant - Colosseum is full of levels 35+), the Guardians are spaced so it’s very very difficult to find a safe spot near any of them, as standing behind a gravestone from one Guardian is liable to trigger another one.