PlayerVsPlayer Opinions

Hoi, just wanted to know what everyone think about the possibility of pvp being added to Vesteria. :thinking:

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Im all for it and super hyped for it as idk if you know but it was confirmed and just wanna let you all know im gonna wreck you all so just be prepared!!! :smiley:

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You Say.



PVP’s not my cup of tea personally. That said, the colosseum-esque structure looks hella rad.

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I Wonder Why, Probably Because You Can’t Drink PVP. I’m So Funny… To Be Honest The PVP Doesn’t Have To Be Everywhere As Berezaa Did Say A Thing About “Structures And Unstructure” PVP. Meaning You Most Likely Won’t Have To Get Involved If You Don’t Want To.

Lol. Yeah, I just don’t like being ambushed while I’m trying to grind.