Players Guide to Trading

So. Another guide/list. I like making these. (Updated For Increased Scroll Prices)

To start, trading is one aspect of the game that right now has a lot of confusion attached to it. Scrolled item value is a mess, and lack of the trade system ATM leads to non-secure, risky drop trades and no way to directly trade items. To establish basic values, this guide will go over both buy/sell price of each item, as well as current agreed upon trading prices for each item. HMU in comments if you agree/disagree with any of these values.

S is my abbreviation for Silver

First Tip when trading: Prevent scams. If you are a known discord/forum member this becomes much easier as you can have an only drop second policy, but if something seems off go with your gut and get out of there.


  • Currently, the value of scrolls is lower than the buy price by multiple silver, and much higher than sell price. Always Trade all the scrolls you can, as selling to shop is a massive loss.


  • A stack of crab at first glance seems to be worth 3s (2.970), but this is almost always used incorrectly. Crabs are worth half of the fish sell price, because of fisherman exchange, so a single crab claw is 40, not 30. this brings value up to 4s (3.960) per stack.

  • A stack of spider fangs is worth equal to crab claws, around 4s (3.960). In reality, they are actually worth slightly less than crab claws, as fish are very useful


  • Fish. Best trading item to have. Worth 8s (7.920), But have seen these valued by players for well above this. In low level players it isn’t uncommon to trade 2 ancient scrolls or 3 greats for a stack of fish. Best consumable, know their worth.

  • Big Red Pots are tricky, so be prepared for these to be valued differently depending on the player. These are worth slightly less than fish, (60 not 80) by shop sell, But are very rare (as mobs do not drop anymore) These are worth (around) 6s, 5.940 to be exact.

  • Small blue pots vary wildly. Because these pots are almost never used outside of high level pvp, high level players will sometimes pay large amounts for these pots while others consider them worthless. Keep on the look out.

  • Vials have no concrete trading value, too niche to make a difference. Hold on to these.

Scroll Trades for profit.


  • 1 Ancient is equal to 40s when trading. The reason this number is odd is because of the only recent price hikes, these scolls are still widespread and very common on players. This Translates to 10 stacks claws/fangs for 1 ancients, or 5 stacks fish per ancient.


  • 8 stacks of claws/fangs for 1, 4 stack of fish for 1.


  • Normals went from useless to amazing in the blink of an eye. These are now better than 70%s, as suceeding 3/4 greats is the same as using 4 regulars. Save these, as people will want them. Now headgear and armor scrolls on the other hand, are kinda useless for everything one your own armor is max. Just sell or attempt to trade to low levels who don’t have many yet.

Upgraded Weapon Trades

This is a hard, hard area to trade in. Weapons are always sold for less than true value just because paying 500s+ for a +2 Ancient weapon is insane.

  • Currently, High damage hunter weapons are much more expensive than warrior or mage weapons because of broken sell price of tomahawks. While on warrior weps you are able to sell off fails worth 46s (11s base + 35s from ancient) for 5s, a tomahawk sells for .4s. Not A good reclaim percentage.
  • When creating a weapon, remember what you spent to make it. If you spent 20 maces and 22 ancients to make a +6 str wep with 5 greats, that is a cost of 995s (770s ancient base + 220 from buying maces - 95s from selling maces, + 100s from the 5 Greats put on.) Know that you will never be able to sell for this, as without direct money trades its impossible to have profit margins. (Plus This Is Insane)
  • Remember, if you get lucky with getting +1 Ancient weps, these can be sold for 6-8 Ancients. Sold for 7-8 Ancients if it is a Tomahawk.

Trading is one part of the game I am hoping the developers take a hard look into, as a successful economy could help stabilize the item market and make it possible to actually deal in scrolled weapons. Good Luck, as with the RNG in weapon scrolls you will definitely need it.:grin:



Updated For Recent Patch

I’m not going to be trading much, but if I do this will be helpful!

Oof, I’m not trading still ever since the Joey incident but, still if I do, then this will be handy.