Player Personalities

So… What do I mean by: “Player Personalities”?

Well… This will take a bit. Wheezing

  • It affects the way you attack, depending on the player’s playstyle. Collecting data of what the player will do during their adventurer phase.
  • Minor, but extremely important, it should also be gender specific. I mean, we don’t want a woman to get a man’s attack style right? It just won’t make sense for them to yell when swinging a sword with a voice as low as, say, Lexaeus from KH 2.
  • Lastly, it selects among three styles. If the player pumps everything into Melee, they get an agressive attack style. If they balance things out between everything, they are left with what’s essentially the same style. And if they pump everything into their Mana Pool and Mana regen to use skills, they get the defensive style. Here are how they work:
  1. Agressive: The attacks have a big hitbox, and attack slowly. This is for the heavy damage output.

  2. Balanced: The attacks are faster than Agressive, but slower than Defensive.

  3. Defensive: The attacks are quick on their feet, and can easily chain, or spam, skills while clicking. Like mages in Singeplayer RPGs, they are the hardest to get used to.

This is my idea for different personalities for the characters, as it’d make the reveal that the guy in Mushtown that gives out sneak peeks of the game all the more suprising, as you act like you’re an inhabitant of Vesteria’s world.

That’s all I wanna add for now, thanks for reading. :smiley:

PS: If this does get added, make custom developer styles. Smt to say: Hey, we’re devs.

Agressive = Warriors
Balanced = Hunters
Defensive = Mages

I get what you’re sayin, but let’s be honest. The classes are LITERALLY just gonna give you skills and accessibility to weapons. Nothing else, not even a new movement styles. Only a dodge roll, might I add, should be with the hunters. .-.

Mhmm i get what you’re sayin, but they’re mostly working on the games foundation rn, i would love some flexibility on movement and weapon mechanics, instead of going for idk a cloak or robe or helmet with defence, what if it has increased movement speed or jump or maybe even gives u more intelligence or vitality or maybe if combo’d with something it gives u a special buff or if u complete a set it gives u a special buff etc

Yeah, that’s kinda what I am saying right here. Add something extra, to differentiate one from another. Because if you’re a warrior, you’ll most likely get the best helm, chestplate, and mace. That’s it. Literally every other Warrior looks the same. Only difference: The ability output. What this will add is something to say: Hey, I can do this.

Just basically: Not gonna be the same gameplay experience each time, unless you really hit the longshot and did the two exact things you did the first time. XD

Im pretty sure ive heard about it and im hoping that its true that warriors hunters and mages are gonna get subclasses. I’d say that subclasses will fix this problem as long as the subclasses themselves also have some flexibility

I mean… Will they use their weapons differently? I get it if the subclass of the Hunter uses a bow, but even then. What’s to say the Ranger won’t use two different bows as if they’re the same, just with different damage levels?

Well that would probably up to them to decide whether they want to just add strong weapons or add unique weapons that are technicly the same but if used together with certain armor or weapons or skills can be very powerful, instead of just having a 80 damage dagger with all of ur skills on strength.

Yeah… Just up to them. I just wanted to make the game stand out from other MMORPGS with having some Singeplayer RPG stuff, implemented in a way that suits the game. Because if it’s the same as the rest, might as well play the same-old same-old, y’know?

Yeah instead of being ur classic boring idk pet simulator type advancing and getting better stuff why not have some variety and unique gear that will benefit you more than just going all strength

Kinda like wut I’m saying, so…

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