Player Knockback

The Spider Queen looks like it will be a rather interesting boss fight, so why not have its melee attacks, rather than severely damaging the player only, knock back the player and stun them for a few seconds?

When the Queen bites its target, it will knock them back about 20 studs and cause them to be stunned on the ground for about 5 seconds. If they land in an acid pool, RIP them.

This would be a cool feature, since you wouldn’t be able to instantly escape danger when you are hit. This knockback stun effect could also be applied to larger mobs, but much less lengthy.

Spider Queens damage output is already too high let’s see if it’s too hard first

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this is kinda last minute

Cool idea. We’ll try to implement it.

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Darn it Meta you made berezaa take longer on the update. Now its going to come out tomorrow.

But I want a very high quality and most dynamic boss fight as possible!

The developers will have to be careful so that no mobs can stun-lock anyone, right?