Player Housing/Living Quarters [With other implemented ideas.]

Dear Devs,
Just another idea to put out there. By seeing and playing lots of MMORPGs, one of the most intriguing parts of this specific genre… is the player housing and customisation of it. This allows players to feel like they have a place in the world of Vesteria, and it will also give players motive to find the furniture and supplies they need to flourish their houses.

The other idea I’ve read from other fellow players, was a “Home-Save Chest” which players can keep their gear somewhere else and not cramp all of it in their inventory. I propose this “chest”, comes in different sizes with different prices, and players would be allowed to place this in their custom house.

Lastly I propose that the houses come in different sizes as well as prices. For example: Cheapest as an apartment or a rented room, the second could be a cabin or something? Well you guys can do with the imagination I’ll help with staying in touch. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty certain something like this will be added into Vesteria, one thing I have been hearing a lot is that In-game guilds will have a HQ (headquarters) for the Guild. It definitely is not going to be soon though, as there are plenty of other things in the game. One thing I would like, is the customizable feature, however not a broad range like Blue Lighting, Red Walls, or stuff like that. Only optional features that are decent, like furniture. Would like this in the game either by Beta, or during Beta.

Ah I see, sounds interesting. Well it’s nice to know the devs are planning something great! Can’t wait for the implementation. :smiley:

This idea is near as old as Vesteria itself. A lot of players have pushed to make this a reality and soon enough it will be. Search up house/housing and you can find some older posts that the devs have talked on or about.