Player Attack Patterns / Comboes

Combat could be a little more interesting other than swinging you staff/sword/mace or whatever your swinging or slashing with a dagger.

With attack patterns, using certain weapons could have certain animations and varied damage with each animation. By this, I mean as a warrior uses a mace, they will use two hands and have an exclusive attack animation for using a mace. The last basic attack animation for the mace will be a heavier attack, casting slower but dealing more damage, which matches a warrior. There could also be one for hunters, like quick slashy stabby animations. There could be 3-4 animations for each type of weapon. Adventurers would still use the current attack animation in place, and Double Slash skill will allow basic attack speed to be generally doubled.

I hope this doesn’t sound too complicated.

With this you mean that you can, for example, have a 3 hit combo that’ll deal a bit more damage or something?

I kinda discussed about this on my “Finishers.” Forum. I definitely agree though.

I agree. Once PVP gets balanced, I’d look forward to seeing this added to the game.

Yeah, maybe add bosses that rely on the player using some of the things they learnt in PvP. That would make them REAL interesting.

Example: A Giant Red Spider, which I think is gonna be in the game, but I dunno.

It can shoot out webs that stop you from being able to jump.

Its weak point is on it’s head. Where you need to jump to get to.

You can be sprinting around, or you can use a skill, hold down the button, aim, FIRE!

Critical hit!

Something like that. My point is, add some sort of weakness, or immunity to bosses. That could add to this a lot more than I can explain in a simple reply. XD

I love this idea, and there are a lot of possibilities for all classes. Something the mages could have on their third melee is a burst attack or something, where when they swing for a third time or whatever it is, it is an AoE attack which deals damage do everything around them. The idea of combos would make combat much more interesting, and in turn make the game better.

Very. Much. Agreed, my good sir.

Ooh ooh, even more! Warriors could, say, do a ground pound. Idk.

Yeah I agree with you, love the idea. XD

While I could see that in a single player RPG, it wouldn’t work for a MMORPG. In an MMORPG you want to focus on teamwork, not style.

I meant to send this a long time ago.