Plans for a Knight Save (FEEDBACK PLEASE!)

My Knight Skills (planned, working on levelling):
From Knight:

  • Inspire 10/10 (priority 2)
  • Shield Charge 10/10 (priority 1)

From Warrior:
Combat Roll 5/5 (priority 1)
Ground Slam 10/10 (priority 2)

From Adventurer:
Double Slash 1/1 (priority 1)
Rock Throw 5/5 (priority 2)
Regeneration 3/5 (priority 3)

Gear: Vesra’s Eviscerator, Tethaffut’s Buckler, Helm of Ancient Order, Dunesplate torso (shop armor), Steel Boots (shop boots)

Stat Allocation
DEX: 10
STR: 50
VIT: 84
INT: 0

I wouldn’t put in triple slash cuz triple slash only buffs berserker, I still use steel boots cuz the jump debuff doesn’t do anything and it gives defense and more stamina than duneplate, all good but glad armor is a option to deal more dmg since tanks are good and the 120% deal to urself don’t do much, taunt doesn’t do anything much yet so everything else good :+1:

not so sure bout that, go ground slam

Quick Slash deals pretty high damage, but yeah Ground Slam probs better.

for AoE


Triple slash doesn’t only effect berserker

only affects berserker’s triple slash DAMAGE

It effects all subs

no I mean berserker’s triple slash does double damage compared to other classes with triple slash

For Knight Triple Slash Hits x2 Faster

oh nice

I recommend less only 70 vit and the rest str. Vit becomes useless after 70 because 70 gives a good dmg reduction buff

70 bit 10 dex rest str

vit* (Post must be longer than 5 characters)

I’d put like 10 int for a small mana boost and smite

Knight bro

You can get smite on all warrior subclasses but it’s more powerful on paladin

And I ment to say 10 int

oh u mean hidden stat point interaction, but why smite on Knight (rhyme intended)