Placeable/Useable items

I’m not sure if this is already planned or already in the game, but I would like to see items that you can place down on the battlefield to get an advantage over your enemies, like a tiny tower you can place down with a mob that shoots at the enemy or heals you. If you are more of a team player, you might have an item that is like a fountain that you can place down that heals your allies if they jump in it, or if you want to ambush enemies you might have like a shovel that when you use it, it digs a hole that enemies can fall into and you can hit them without them being able to hit you for a short period of time, so the items aren’t too overpowered. I think you should be only able to get these items from NPC’s or quests.

This would be cool with a little mushroom you can jump with, because those phsyics are way too cool but not used enough

This is a cool idea, but I have a feeling that something like this would be stupid hard to code.