Pirate Sub-class maybe?

What if Hunters had a Pirate profession,
where hunters would get some pirate-related skills, passive skills, weapons, and armors!
For example:

  • Cannon weapon (more likely for Archers) that shoots slowly but do a lot of damage, for example, It does 1.5x to 2x more damage then spider but it can only shoot every 5 seconds or any other time you wish to set but It will also be like every other bow and arrow where you need to charge the weapon to do more damage.
  • (or any other pirate related weapon!)

Adding this Profession would let the “Arrrghh” stat point actually have some kind of use! (even though its a joke). Basically, the more “Arrrghh” the more pirate weapon damage you do (+STR/DEX just a little more boost but the others will also boost it up and “Arrrghh” won’t be able to be upgradable It will just be a weapon/armor stat). (You could also just change the name of the “Arrrghh” stat or add a new one if you like the “Arrrghh” meme).
Or just not have any new bonus stat. :man_shrugging:

The skills could be like:

  • “Cannon Boost” - When you have a cannon equip the character will shoot it behind themselves boosting them far.
  • “Greed” - When this ability is used gives the user an item and cash boost for a certain amount of seconds, Greed could also be a passive skill that when the player gets the skill he would get a little small money and loot boost forever. It’s the developers choice!
  • “Cannon Blast” (Suggested in the comment section) - The Cannon shoots a powerful cannonball at the point of your mouse dealing a lot of damage.

And much much more!

Maybe the normal Cannon Boost idea could work with the regular cannons around Scallop and Port Fidelio instead of it being a equip on one’s character. Looks fine though!

The idea of the skill is to have a portable cannon that is also a good heavy hitter weapon! But thanks for the suggestion

I think the theme of pirate weapons like little cannons you can hold on your shoulder would more fit to warriors instead of hunters. Since hunters are light and fast paced people, warrior are heavy and more slow pasted people. Little cannons are heavy and would destroy the ‘light and fast paced’ playing style of the hunters. A heavy cannon on a warriors shoulder would fit to the ‘heavy and more slow pasted’ play style. About the skills, the ‘Cannon Boost’ looks fine to me but I dont agree with ‘Greed’, the player has a cannon, so he should use it. ‘Cannon Blast’ would be a better skill where the cannon shoots a cannonball at the spot where you aim your mouse.

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It’s interesting but I don’t really know. It feels weird to create almost an entirely different class out of it.

well it is just an idea after all

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