Pirate king raid

The pirate king raid : So recently there’s been rumors around port fidelio about a group of pirates going around the continent stealing loot from nearby towns , and their on their way to get loot from for fidelio.

By talking to the a certain npc you can go on the raid with your party members to keep the pirates away from port fidelio. Players aboard the warfare and go somewhere in the middle of the ocean . Players see a fleet of ships all around them .
Then the pirate king tells his minions to attack and they start lowering the ship bridges to make a path to the wayfare and start firing the cannons. The players objective is to defeat the pirate king and his crew . Players will have to jump from boat to boat defeating the pirate kings minions.
By defeating his crew the boats will lower their bridges creating a path to the pirate kings ship. The pirate king’s ship is much larger than his crew mates ships and is filled with tons of loot. By defeating him He and any remaining crew mates will retreat never to return .

( I’ll definitely add on to this suggestion later )

Give the pirate king a straw hat

jokes aside, this is a good idea i like it


and a rubber body


And the power of friendship


One piece fans I see

hehehe we are everywhere

Nice, although I probably won’t watch one piece cuz it’s too long. Also have your heard of Vinland saga?

unfortunately not, might check it out later

Yes please do

Not as good as Cory in the house…

Actually, most of the 1000 episodes are HD remakes, so its more like 700 episodes, alot less.

Didn’t realize that but, ill probably watch one piece eventually.