Pirate Cove - The Place of Greed and Treasure ⚓

Pirate Cove

The pirate cove is a complete new area introduced to Vesteria for mainly midgame and lategame players although this place is mainly for fairly endgame [lvl 25] content there is a risk. Players will not be able to enter the Pirate Cove without wearing the [Pirate Hat]. Which most may already know can be obtained in Shirprock Bottom.

To enter the Cove the Player must journey to Seaside Path, there will be a pirate ship that docks near shore near the crabbys. The ship will have a few Pirate NPC’s which are aboard and are capable of making the Player walk the plank if they do not wear the [Pirate Hat].

To travel to Pirate Cove , once the player is on board of the ship they must speak to the Captain who you will pay a Significant Amount Of Silver to travel by boat. :warning: To return to Seaside Path there is no fee.


The cove is a single Island with a forest in the middle of the Ocean with a village where the NPC’s live. The player can come across Shops , Items , Weapons , Monsters and much more on this island aswell as forbidden secrets…

:warning: If the player takes off his/her pirate hat while in the cove they will not be able to Interact with NPC’s aswell as the Shop for they are not trusted,however taking of the hat can reveal secrets…


While venturing deeper into the island away from the village the player can come across the forest part of the island where they will find threats.

Birddy [LVL 25

This enemy is the main threat to the forest, this enemy is similar to a parrot and pretty much same flying animations like a batty.


The Birddy can drop feathers when killed aswell as its monster idol which unlocks more drops

[ 1 Idol ] Unlocks the monster book page for Birddy which previews the feather [80% drop chance]

[ 3 Idols] Unlocks the golden feather [ 0.5% Drop Chance]

Sharky [LVL 26

This beast can be found in the waters of the Cove on the other side of the island aswell as near the village docking area


Sharky’s main drop are Sharky Fins but can unlock more drops with monster idols

[1 idol] Unlocks the base drop Sharky Fin [80% Drop Chance]

[2 Idol] Unlocks STR Potion [5% Drop Chance]

[3 Idol] Unlocks Ancient STR Scroll [0.5% Drop Chance]

:warning: Sharky’s attack without being provoked


This is a quest required to start at LVl 24 without your Pirate Hat on as the quest giver do not trust his own people for the particular task.

Upon first interaction with this pirate NPC you are required to return 25 Feathers aswell as 1 Golden Feather, once the player has completed this quest you unlock the ability to Trade Golden Feathers for loot similar to the girl on Seaside Path Beach.

The Player can win a rare reward called the [Birddy Pet] a neat parrot companion that sits on your should when you are standstill and flys when you are Sprinting , with the default colour Green you can dye the parrot many colours.


The cove contains a Shop which sells potions, weapons and equipment for all Classes
Potions will not be listed



Pirate Dagger [ lvl 25 - 50 SIlver]

  • 75 ATK +5 DEX -1 INT
    A dagger said to be used mainly by the real thieves of the sea


Saber [Lvl 26 - 52 Silver]

  • 82 ATK +2 INT +2 DEX
    A sword for the trustworthy swashbuckling pirates


**Skull Staff [Lvl 25 - 51 Silver]

  • 80ATK +1 VIT +2 INT
    A staff which said to gain its power from blackrock

Pirate Coat [lvl 24 - 25 SIlver]

  • (?) Defense , 3% Greed


There are many secrets that can be added to the Cove but mainly the Blackrock on the other side of the island guarded with Sharky’s there is a golden chest which contains Pirate Boots which grants 2% Greed and some Defense.

However the cove may be a very nice place to fish for exotic fishes or loot , you can check out my fishing post for more information if your interested.

This sounds similar to my idea!
It’s still a pretty cool idea and has more than my map idea has

Oh I did make sure to see if anyone made any post about pirate related content but I didn’t see yours its cool though also how to make your text a link

Click on the link button which looks like two chains connected.

Make sure you have a link copied. Then paste it in the link box thing.

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I would like to see cutlass rather than saber but I still like a saber sword

Cutlass less pirate ish in my opinion but cool

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well in real life pirates use cutlasses tho

This can also be used to add a subclass that you can replace your main class with and can supply you with different skills (Bomb rush, explosive shot, and cannon barrage), armor, (like a pirate tricorn, and blouse) weapons (cutless, blunderbuss/filtlock or if no guns, then a explosive bow fitted with dynamite) and pirate daily quests/bounties: where you get a random quest that’s a assassination type mission on a elite type monster like a Spider Lord or Extra Thicc guardian. As a pirate it wouldn’t be reasonable to pay a ton sliver to have to keep going back and forth to your main base of operation so pirates would either not have to pay or pay a small amount of sliver. Another idea for the pirate subclass can be if your a hunter,mage, or warrior when you join them it will decide what type of pirate you are like for a pirate ravager for warrior that would be focused on aoe and damage but will have weak hp and def.

And of course a ton of potions/drinks likes “Pirate juice” That buffs your def atk, but nerfs your accuracy, sweat in a bottle (game girl bathwater but better) thats damages because thats just weird, and anime girl- I mean scoundrel’s wine heals 500, gives attack speed and speed boost. For food for pirates it can be salt/species which you can use multiple times to make a certain amount of food stronger like a 1000+ damage hog meat jk, pineapples (hmm I wonder who lives in this) +400 hp and gives +10 str +10 dex +5 vit and -29000 int

Interesting :thinking:


shirp ye :sunglasses:

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