Picking to much item will cause micro lag each time you pick upp items

So apprently if you kill a boss and then get a massive loot it will later on cause micro lag each time you pick upp loot and it gets worse and wrose each time that happens, this has caused me to rejoin in multiple occation i hope you guys find a solution to this. @berezaa

Happens to me too


I heard something about binding the w key to the pickup key can ruin the server a bit.

I guess it isn’t a good idea

Is this server lag or client side?

Here’s how you can tell:

Server lag: the camera still works normally, but players/monsters stop moving.
Client lag: the camera completely freezes


slight FPS drop, so client lag

not sure but the game will freeze a bit when you pick upp items, You can easliy get the bug if you spawn in a bunch of big bosses and enemys around you kill them a loot a bunch of big chunk of it, and you’d start noticing the lag.

I’ve tested it, it doesn’t happen as much if you set your pickup key to a key that isn’t a movement key.