Petition to start a Subreddit for Vesteria

I like this forum. It’s cool, it’s fun, it’s friendly, and everyone gets their chance to talk. In the past, the forum has few small posts, which we called them “Low Effort”. I really like the old forum game Who CAN’T Post Last? and it’s really fun to see people try to post when they get tagged. But when Berezaa rolled out an announcement No more low-effort posts, this forum beame more serious.

I always like a chill area, where people post about funny moment or start a game, but Vesteria here don’t have that. Discord? No Image, slowmode (god). This forum? You already know it, but no low-effort post.

I found reddit awesome. Make some posts, and people upvoted them when they found them funny or interesting (unlike this forum only 3 votes). I’m really active in some subreddit (r/leagueoflegends,…) and they are very interesting if you understand the game.

So should we start a Subreddit?

  • Yes
  • No

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This was already suggested and denied

well i wanted to start another one

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Why would you start another one? That’s like saying I want to open a shop without enough money again.

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this would be cool

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Bad idea, forums serve the same purpose the Devs don’t want to split the communities

Where else can you make Vesteria memes and not get low-efforted huh?

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Discord, go into a guild and post your memes there. Or post your memes in Screenshots of Vesteria.

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zzzzzzzz :sleeping:

I want one only so I can get Karma from posting Logistics of posts and commenting on peoples comments

The community mostly focuses on utilizing the discord and forums. The forums work similar to a subreddit so I don’t think the use of a Vesteria subreddit would do anything since the forums accommodate for more than what a subreddit would.

Reddit is also being purchased by a rather large company in Canada that posts some rather inappropriate things, wouldn’t be the best idea around.

Pshhh I’m sure us Canadians would never do something innapropriate. Right…?

Of course not! They post adult entertainment, nothing wrong with that? Right?

Exactly! It’s just enjoyable entertainment that’s not supposed to be provocative at all.


Necro bumper spotted

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r/vesteria exists guys

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