Petition to delete Betas

Petition to delete beta players.
Alpha players on discord agreed, that Beta players are only making the game lag, so what about we just delete them?

  • Of course
  • Yes

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Berezza: finally, a good idea.

I support this idea.

Is this the start of the Bully All Betas movement AGAIN?

Dang, it hurts that no one agrees with me.

When the world of Vesteria was created, it was peaceful…
But one day… They came… and everything changed…

I was laying on the beach with my friend James and fishing, but then… we saw something in the distance… It looked like a human, but they didn’t act like a human… Our rods stopped working and all the fish emigrated to a different sea… One morning I was so hungry, that I had to eat my friend James…
And why?? Because of Betas… They are everywhere. They are on the trees, on the beach even in the sea!!..


not valid opinion

the only valid opinions are Of Course and Yes

i agree

n-n-nnO you didn’t

To me, everyone is equal. Nobody needs to be removed, except exploiters.

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The only valid replies to this are “Of Course” and “Yes” because exploiters are bad and we can all agree on that

Above post true
Below post relatable

I’m done here. Time to stop wasting my time.

i cant take you serious because of your profile picture