Petition to add back Terror Of The Deep

actually the whale will drop some whale themed weapon
ditch this copying idea

yey we get whale whalers harpoons…?

A trident / whale bow
A bone sword
A harpoon for wariors

Make a shield for knights

Whale Bone Shield
Level 49
-0.37% damage taken
Perk: Armor of the Deep: When underwater, take 50% less damage.

-0.37??? That’s really bad! Especially for a lvl 49 weapon and the ability isn’t that good either, most high lvls hardly go in water

Buckler only gives -0.3% damage taken

Oh wait, I’m an idiot, I was thinking percent wise and forgot that 30% is .3

yeah. The whale shield i suggested gives -37% damage taken.

Still the ability doesn’t seem that useful

Well, considering it gives -37% damage taken, I designed its perk with the perk’s being useless in mind.

Hmm, maybe it being something like

Wrath of the deep: when below 50% hp, you deal 25-50% more dmg but move 50% slower

Well, I mean, it’s “of the deep” for a reason…

It’s supposed to be you take on the oceans rage and deal more dmg but the waves coming back in reduces you movement speed

Psst, @JUSTFORCAUSE might wanna edit your post with all the changes your going to do


I want it back for my bounty book

Me too, or at least remove it from book. It’s irritating, that one blank spot…

I don’t like sand. It’s coarse, rough, and IRRITATING and it gets everywhere.

Uhhh, non sequitur much? (non sequitur is Latin for “does not follow”)

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