Perk suggestions / nerfs and changes

Such perks like the intelligence +1 MP gained on hit, the STR perk for boosting damage when HP is low, and half of the vitality perks not working are all relative and easy to fix problems if thought out correctly.

Making simple changes such as increasing the amount of Int needed to get the +1 MP on hit would nerf mages extremely fast leveling rate, and things like other classes using the buff for themselves. Fixing things like the Vit perks and making it so they actually work would be a nice change for the upcoming knight buffs, and make it so more people actually spread out points aside from Int and Str. And moving the Str buff of 1.5x damage when low to Vit would make more sense overall.

Honestly only two perks don’t work, those being Hearth (30 VIT, 115% HP near campfire) and Fast Hands (30 DEX, 40% faster consumption). Though, some perks need reworking, such as Rejuvenation, which I describe in this post.