Perk Modifiers 🔧

Perks :gear:

As some of us may know, perks in Vesteria was a very interesting and fun part of the scrolling of items or equipment upgrades. The ultimate feeling of owning a weapon that grants a unique buff that others may not wield, i mean take a look at this bad boy…

RevinReign ranging armor that was sadly destroyed on its last cursed

Who wouldnt want that!
Amazing isn’t it? well considering that there may not be the return of such mechanic, in this post i will be glad to share my idea of something somewhat similar yet quite different way of introducing sweet perks to your equipment.

Modifiers :wrench:

Sounds quite similar to a few doesn’t it…no?

Have you ever played Terraria? Pretty neat game if you ask me
Anyways, my idea is heavily inspired by Terraria and its weapon modifiers.

So basically in Terraria Modifiers are known to be a prefix that appears before the tool name which adds permanent statistics to that specific equipment depending on the modifier, for example [Keen] Wooden Sword. “Keen” which in this case is the Prefix of the weapon and “Wooden Sword” being the weapon. This modifier grants +3% Critical Strike Chance to the wooden sword. Modifiers are completely added to a tool on its item creation.

Okay enough of terraria lets get into the part where its related to vesteria already…

How Will This Work :grey_question:

Modifiers will only be added to dropped equipment and items that have been enhanced by an enchance scroll which you will learn more about further down this post (Weapons and Armor). Shop items will not be granted with Modifiers for they are already unique in it’s own way. ONLY enemy dropped items can grant Modifiers

In Vesteria there are quite a few enemies that drop both armor and weapons, for this example ill use the Yeti loot table. The Yeti drops both Yeti Boots and Icicle this case ill preview an Icicle with a modifier called [SWIFT]


As previewed above the Icicle does not have any upgrades, yet it grants +3 DEX , this is because the Icicle dropped by the Yeti has a modifier which grants such stat. This stat is PERMANENTLY embedded into this weapon unless a Reset Scroll is used.

Hmm the description of this scroll says it removes Modifications too…coincidence i think not.

The reason the Reset Scroll should be able to remove Modifiers is for granting the reset scroll another purpose as well as if a Player would like to sell his/her equipment at its original state or keep,considering their buyer wants it like that or the Icicle had a bad Modifier.

Enhance Scroll (40%)

A completely new scroll that comes with the Modifier mechanic the Enchance Scroll (40%)

Please note that this scroll is completely used as a placeholder i do not take ownership of this image, however, this image of such scroll was posted on the Vesteria Discord by the user known as Kensai666.

This scroll as it states in its name is used to enhance your equipment or weapon with a Modifier! However here is a breakdown of how this scroll works

  • The Scroll can only be applied to clean weapons, which means weapons that has completely no upgrades
  • The scroll will always work on a clean weapon but will have a 40% Chance to give a good Modifier and a 60% to grant a bad modifier
    For example : A bad modifier would be [BROKEN] followed by bad perks/stats and a good modifier would be [STRONG] followed by good perks/stats

  • The Scroll can only be used ONCE on a clean item

  • If a player is unsatisfied with the Modifier their item receives they can use a Reset Scroll to return the item to its original state

  • To obtain this scroll it should only be dropped by Bosses including dungeon bosses

So What Type of Modifiers Will There Be :grey_question:

There can be many possible Modifiers that can be added but one thing for sure there wont always be good ones…

Now i would make a list of possible Modifier Prefixes but that would be a lot.
Although, you guys reading this post can suggest some sweet ones too and maybe say what possible perk(s) they can add by replying!

Here is a link to Terraria Modifiers that i referenced for inspiration in creation of this post.

I hope you liked my post remember to suggest some sweet Modifiers in the replies!

This would be a great way to make Reset Scrolls useful in a way after the Second Enchantment Rework.

This sounds awesome! :open_mouth:

now itll be like terraria and im gonna spawn with a broken stick

very clean perk modifier for items! i think this would go very well in the game, as cursed do not have do this anymore.

big gub idea sok like

Lmao it really be like that sometimes

Will there be a golin tinkerer? or some npc that we can go to, to reforge our gear?

no thanks i dont want to lose all my money trying to get a good modifier

Wont that basically ruin the purpose of the enchance scroll

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because your first cactus was legendary i guess

Ah, they don’t appreciate my power

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But of course :sunglasses:

So it turns out this is happening :grey_exclamation:




Good. This is my 3 cursed glad chest thats still purple.

still waiting for the tier 2 colo stuff

Wait, why is the first scroll red tier and the others are purple?

Its because a red tier cursed means it gave +3
and purple tier cursed give +2

so (+3) + (+2) + (+2) = +7

Oh right thanks, I forgot back there