People using their hacks to play Vesteria alpha for free

I don’t know if this is really a bug but some people might have been using their hacks to get in and play Vesteria Alpha for free and not having to pay. A friend of mine has sent me this picture.

@berezaa You might want to take a look into this.

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Oh no… this is bad…

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The Devs Do Want To See This.

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You said this.

@Polymorphic Maybe you reply quicker

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thats bad

*pulls out ban hammers

ooo ya this is veryyy bad i dont know if they’ve seen it yet!! @berezaa @Polymorphic

Spam to get their attention.

We were already aware of this. They were able to use this to sneak into the game before it was paid access, but I don’t think it works now that the game is paid access. Thanks for the heads up, though.

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Oh thats what the security test was for wasnt it good to know sorry for the spam. :smiley:

We Are Still Able To Get Into It Whilst It Is Paid Access.

dont know if this is a lie or not. please look into it


Is that top persons’ name Ma1e or Male?

It’s Ma1e It Is Pretty Obvious.

I miss my old Roblox account… :broken_heart:

Its a lie. Inorder to do something like that, you wouldn’t exploit like most exploiters do, you would have to crack the entire roblox program exe. This is because normal exploits are ingame, and the security INGAME depends on the creator of the game, while this is trying to crack code from the orginal developers of roblox, which I would say is near impossible. In simple, doing a feat like breaking into a paid access game is only something a extremely accomplished coder who knows languages from HTML to RLua could do.

Um Jazzyx3 doesn’t specialize in this since this is all scripts and code (and he/she builds) , plus berezaa already responded to the thread.

She has contact with the mains, it would be easier to share via her.

The offical Vesteria account already saved the image.