Pay to Use Scrolls

Now that everyone’s had some time to play around with the new death penalty update and the trading tax, it should be clear to everyone that money is (unfortunately) of very little value right now.

Losing money isn’t really a punishment since the only real things you can do with it are trading (but additional currencies are on the rise) or buy things from shops (most important late game items and potions are drop-based or have a separate currency to buy them).

That’s why I suggest the pay to use scroll system. Essentially how it would work is that before you use a scroll on an item, you would have to pay a certain amount of money depending on the rarity of the scroll. These are just some numbers off the top of my head, but for example:

10s to use Basic (100%) Scrolls
100s to use Great (70%) Scrolls
250s to use Ancient (15%) Scrolls
500s to use Cursed (60%) Scrolls
1g to use Holy and Reset Scrolls

Obviously, along with this scrolls would be buffed (x2 the damage upgrades they give now) but this change would overall work for the greater good of Vesteria. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Adding actual value to money
I won’t dwell too long on this point since I already talked about it in the intro, but as stated previously money is pretty much worthless at this point, but making money the only way you can use scrolls would actually make it at least somewhat valuable, and would make the death penalty actually feel like a penalty rather than a slap on the wrist.

2. Money sink
Obviously, there is a large need for money sinks in Vesteria. The Wayfarer Ticket was a good attempt, but 100s is just not going to cut it when you can easily make all of that money back. With the larger prices required for attempting to go for heavy upgrades, it means that more money is going to be constantly draining out of the economy far quicker.

3. Adding a “skill” element to scrolls
Work harder, not smarter, or work smarter not harder? Why not both? Grinding is a huge part of every MMORPG, and right now there is no real incentive to grind harder enemies that drop more money. Doing this would highly incentivise players to take larger risks, fight harder enemies and try to get more money. This would theoretically lead to the creation of more effective strategies to take down these larger enemies, and would get players to work together, encouraging a sense of teamwork and community.

4. Rarity of highly upgraded weapons
Obviously, by forcing people to use more and more money to get better scrolls, it makes highly scrolled weapons (red or gold tier) extremely rare, and shows which players of Vesteria are truly the most dedicated to efficiency and getting better weapons rather than just lucky.

So yeah, that’s my idea. I think it really fits with the current “make Vesteria harder” goal, and could lead to some interesting things in the future. I’d love to hear everyone’s opinion on this, though.

I think it’s a little too soon to say that losing money doesn’t really mean anything, since the value of Mushcoin will likely raise as less will be in circulation between players. Also I love scrolling it’s satisfying to watch 20 Ancients in a row fail I’d hate paying to use scrolls.

:EDIT: With what you have suggested it would cost me 5G just to use 20 Ancients. That’s insane.

5G is pretty easy money if you farm Shroompocalypse for a day or two. Plus, 20 Ancients is an absurd amount, and should therefore carry an absurd risk and absurd price tag.

I don’t think the dust has settled on silver’s value post update.

This may make it “harder” but the real goal is to be more open to skilled players. All this does is be annoying and keep you grinding for even longer than before rather than increase difficulty.

This doesn’t much make sense since you already pay for scrolls in the shop (100% and 70%) and then you’d pay for it again?

Even more annoying if you consider death penalty. The community would be in more fury, and might even turn away skilled players that may consider to enter the game because it’s just more grind.

in a minecraft perspective, if you’re into that, it’s like making a tree take longer to chop just because you increased the difficulty of the game, its just more grind.

the orb

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What orb? The Orb is currently removed, making it a non-issue for the moment.

no no this is literally the same concept as the orb in a sense

paying for upgrades in an attempt to act as a money sink

Oh ok but overall this is a bad idea scrolls are hard enough to get already (particularly Cursed scrolls, which can’t really be obtained using Mushcoin without trading).