Paladin Tale l part1

A long time ago in the Great Crossroads,There was named Mart.Mart was not like a child any other child in the place.He was a fast-learner but weak in strength and stamina.They thought they where going to stay in their home.But one day

Mart:Hey John lets go! John:Wait,We have to watch out for scarecrows
Mart:Don’t worry, Were strong enough to fight so then come on lets go!
John:Fine Fine we’ll go

But then a scarecrow pops out of nowhere and attacked them.


Then the scarecrow tried to hit but Mart attacked first.But the attack was very weird.Because a beam of light hit the scarecrow instead of his sword.

Mart:What was that?
John:I don’t know?
Mart:Maybe the Mages will know.

So they went to the Tree of life to know what they have just withnessed.And the encountered Jonathan. A cleric

Johnathan:Hey you there.
John:Who me?
Johnathan:Not you,him.
Johnathan:Yes,Please come here.
Johnathan:You look like you seen something.
Mart:Yeah we did, So thats why we are going to the Mages and see what they know about the thing we have just seen.
Johnathan:Is it a beam of light?
Mart:Yes,how did you know?
Johnathan:You looked like you have seen the light of Versa.
Mart:Light of who?
Johnathan:Light of Versa,A God with a warm and gentle light.
Johnathan:Yes,but you might need to go to the Mages like you said.
Mart:Oh man you right.John lets go!

And so They when’t to the Mages what they have seen.The Mages told them to the Warriors Stronghold and so they go.But on the Redwood Pass there was a problem.