Paladin Build Help

Hello everyone!

I currently have a lvl 31 paladin, and am wondering were i should put my stats. My current stats are as followed, Str- 78, Vit- 9, Dex- 3 (I am planning on putting two more points into Dex). Should i put more points into Int for the magical damage? Or is brute Str better? I am mostly wondering bcs i like to use rebuke and smite, and would like to know if it is a good idea to have some Int. Thanks!!

Paladin abilities scale with INT.
Put more in that.

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Like Firebrowl said, you should of course put more points into INT. I just wanted to add, you could also go for 10 Dex, which would give you a perk that adds an extra walkspeed and 2 jump on top of the extra attack speed. Paladin abilities scale mostly with INT, and paladins are unique because it’s okay to get perks in both INT and STR. I don’t have many build ideas right now, but put more INT.

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Thank you both for your help!!

I didn’t think about that DEX, I have 5 in it for the stam, but the extra walkspeed could be good for balancing out steel boots. Thanks!! Do you think 30-40 INT sounds good? Or is that too much?

If it helps, I play paladin. Here’s my stats:

48 STR (+22 from Nightstrider helmet to 70 total)
70 INT
14 DEX

The 70 STR and 70 INT give good bonuses to attack and general convenience, while the 14 DEX speeds me up and gives me better attack speed.

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I calculated that after getting 10 DEX I would be able to get 34 INT, while having 100 STR (with the Nightstrider). Would you use a stat reset to get a more balanced stats? Ground slam resets faster than Rebuke, but Smite refreshes faster the Ground Slam… On the other hand, Ground slam is the most powerful of the lot… INT scales both Smite and Rebuke, while STR scales Ground Slam and normal attack. So I’m just wondering if it’s worth getting the stat reset for 50s and getting more INT… Thanks for all your help and advice!!

I personally would. Smite is a pretty good ability, not to mention 70 INT gives you 15% reduced ability cooldowns and better max MP, while you get to keep your 70 STR attack bonuses.

EDIT: Also, for skills, by level 50:
I’d do 10 Smite; it has a cooldown of 3 seconds at max and has 300 power, slightly less than Ground Slam. I’d do 10 Prayer of Comfort; at max, it has a 300 second duration and cooldown, so you can use it consistently, and it gives 12 health per second. I’d only put 1 point into rebuke since it has a long cooldown and only has power equal to Smite. At level 45, though, I’d do 10 prayer, 5 smite, and 1 rebuke.