Paid or Free Access

People have been recently talking about paid or free access. People have been talking about this for the pass 3 months or so, but it just picked up now. Since we’re coming even closer to FR (Full Release) we should probably talk about it.

Paid Access

Paid access means that you have to pay an amount of robux to enter the game


  • Wall Block for exploiters and bots
  • Support for the developers through money
  • More loyal players (players would probably stay more because they think “I just paid 25 robux for this” so they wouldn’t want to waste it)


  • Way less players
  • Lower ratings
  • Less income for developers
  • Less exposure

Free Access

The exact opposite of paid access, meaning you dont have to pay to get in


  • Way more players
  • More youtubers able to give exposure
  • Way more income
  • More activity in the discord & forums


  • Dislike botters can access the game
  • Exploiters will be more common
  • Scam accounts can enter and scam younger players
  • Some players wont be able to handle the delays and quit

Which one would you like more?

  • Free Access
  • Paid Access

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If you have any thoughts, share them below

at this point free access is necessary to save the game, its in such a dead state. Additionally paid access doesn’t stop exploiters

the game can go down to a minimum of 25 robux which is very accessible but i doubt they will until the game gains a ton of traction

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reduces the amount of them, though.

Free access is probably needed for the game, but I personally prefer games with a smaller community

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game isnt anywhere close to being ready for free release and doesnt have a solid team behind it anymore, free release would just have players come in for a while complete the content thats already there and then leave, ruining the reputation of vesteria just like the early beta release did.

my opinion for what its worth is, if polymorphic is still ghosting/inactive then hire new scripters (maybe even do it anyway if you can afford it) and aim for consistent monthly/bimonthly updates to rebuild vesteria’s reputation

also please consult people about decisions like adding whale and the new bounty book because thats already ruining the games economy. (again)

please revamp testers, they are much more useful than a free weekend, they just need to be utilised properly. you dont need to do it yourself @ ber give the job to metapoly and a few other mods (aCtIVe ONes PLeaSE) and choose people who actually play the game and contribute to the community.

thamk for reason pls sort urselves out i like this game

david u r cool mans thank for subclass pls if u r seeing this can u make the sorcerer boulder thing deal damage to everything it touches and not just one target cuz think about it if you throw a big boulder into 100 snails and it only hurts one of them it not very realistic ok thakns bye


For once, you’re actually typing correctly mostly and I actually agree for the most part… good job Sok.

And yea the game isn’t anywhere close to ready for free release. Or even a reduction in price for that matter.


“thamk for come to my tedtalk ok bye”

Oh wow, Swegu can actually write a full paragraph with actually correct grammar and spelling!

I agree with what you wrote, devs need to go back to how they were in alpha.

i’d want free access once vesteria becomes stable