PA Renting?[80, 165, 800]

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Not trying to cause arguments, but I’m not exactly sure how devs would be able to implement such a system without it being an actual roblox feature.

Put a timer in a datastore

I Was Going To Ask How Are People Going To Spend A Separate Amount Of Money For Each Period Of Time, Then I Was Realised How Dumb That Question Is…

Why would a day be 80 and a month be 165, that’s 29 days more for 85 more robux… it should be like 5 for a day, 200 ish for a month, 800 for perm, but i don’t like this idea anyway :confused:

Going By That Logic Then The Cost Of Perm Would Be Infinite, Since Well Perm Isn’t Meant To End. You’d Be Basically Doing 5 x Infinity To Get Infinity…

smh, the amount of gameplay matters too, who would play for their whole life when there’s only gonna be like 30-50 hours anyway, honestly i would get the month one if it was an option, scratch that actually i wouldn’t get updates. and you do realize so many things do this, roblox builders club used to have an infinite option for 300 robux instead of like the 180 it has now for a year (i’m talking about obc) as well as a lot of early acess games

I’m Just Using Logic, Not The Amount Of Gameplay. Also If You Just Buy The Month After A Long Time Where The Game Has Loads Of Content, You Could Easily Go Through The Entire Game, Making The Permanent One Virtually Useless.