PA Released!?!?!

I was checking the Vesteria game page on Roblox and it says buy access for 800 Robux so is it out?!? Also does it work on mobile cuz that’s what I’m on right now.

You might’ve seen my fake image. It doesn’t appear it’s released, though.

No like I’m on the roblox mobile app and I can buy access to the Vesteria Alpha place rn…

Go on your PC

I can’t I’m in the car ;-;

Oh, maybe try buying access?

Hmmmm I don’t wanna waste my robux if it doesn’t work tho… :thinking::thinking:

I’m gonna check my roblox app if I have it

It doesn’t say I can play here. Or buy.

Idk it might be a false alarm and my roblox is broke or something idk

Maybe not, it says 6 people are playing.

in tc when you develop with each other it puts your user in the players area so the game thinks its an actual player. the playing meter sometimes lies, check the servers

It’s testing.

I’m not joking.

O wait I think it’s a scam made by somebody else cuz it’s by the Vesteria Studio not the Vesteria Team Srry for the false alarm lol

If the game shows that people are playing, but you pressed “Servers” and nothing shows up, it means that the developers are developing the game

But it’s different for a game like Vesteria, since there’s starting place (main menu place).

Don’t buy anything related to Vesteria unless you’re sure it was made by The Vesteria Team! :fearful:
There will be an announcement when the game releases!

Yup we figured that out lol.