Ow I Burnt My Finger

I burnt my finger in a terrible cooking accident, please help! (also touching the frying pan.) Fooberr needs your help! What should I do? I burnt my right finger and now I cant click in Vesteria a lot! What should I do?

Install an autoclicker software. And do not use it while AFK, only when playing.

Go see a doctor about your burnt frying pan, I think that is hurt a lot. Also since your right finger is burnt, did it taste good? Also I think you should fix your mouse so it can click.

Okay with that joke out of the way, you should apply some bandages on the burn, and go see a doctor for further medical attention. I’m not an expert on this therefore I can’t make good judgement for yourself other than stating “go see a doctor” if this doesn’t suffice then I do not know what will help you.

Oh yeah I accidentally replied to Meta instead of the actual post nice job me.

Uhh, it isn’t that bad, it just hurts a lot and I think I feel my skin pealing off. It isn’t that serious though I didn’t like burn off all the skin of my finger. Also, if your wondering what I was making i was making Churros. I was hungry.

If you think you’re fine then you should just go with it, I’m not gonna be overly pushy. Either way, were the Churros good? Although they pale in comparison to chairs :smirk:

use Silver sulfadiazine or just water. for the burn.

Yes, they were a little burnt like my finger.