Overarching Story?

I’m wondering if there will be an main storyline, maybe pertaining with the 3 guilds, and definitely some kind of final boss/story for each boss not just a dungeon, it makes the game fun and rich, but i understand if you want every player to have a different adventure instead of all doing the same missions

They Have Already Said They Will Have A Main Story Line.

So do you think the story lines will split into three different branching stories for the 3 main classes since at the beginning in MushTown an NPC states that the strongest of warriors and knights live in the castle on top of the snowy mountain which I don’t think involves the mage and hunter clans.

We want to avoid having a “main story”, and rather build Vesteria as a world with many unique stories. We’ll have long quest-lines with stories in the quest-line, but we want to avoid a huge story where you have to fight the bad guy at the end. We’ll definitely have quest-lines where this is the case, but Vesteria as a whole does not have one story.

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A Story Line Doesn’t Have To Have A Bad Guy In The End, Rather It Could Be How The Three Classes All Interact With Each Other.

We’ll definitely have in-game lore, if that’s what you mean.

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I Absolutely Love Lore. I’ll Be Excited To Read All About It!

Lore #1:
The devs are the gods.

Well If You Think About It, They Do Make The World And Everything Existing On It. So In All Senses, They Are Living Gods.

Exactly (filler text)

Maybe you choose your path, each choice unlocks certain quests, of course there should be quests all story lines go to. Maybe a main straight path in a story line, with side quests and side paths to take going to the next main quest?

I like this idea. Maybe have multiple stories depending on the player’s choices. But no main bad guy at the end, maybe instead of a MASSIVE story, have multiple tiny stories. Yes, nothing too major, but for all we know, they could, say, interact with each other. Also, maybe a MULTIPLAYER story. One that needs a party perhaps.