Orb Concerns and Balancing


Berezaa recently informed us that they may plan on removing the orb/downgrading items that have been blessed by the Orb. Many people have questions concerning what will happen following both these scenarios. Example questions:

-What will happen to items that have been upgraded by the orb once or a few times? Will they keep those upgrades or will they lose them and be given the respective upgrade slot back?

-Why would you remove the orb when it’s the only way of upgrading footwear and in some cases, (ex. Spider Queen’s Crown) devalue items that are worth way more when blessed?

-How do we rely on scrolling system when some of the most demanded scrolls are almost unobtainable and extremely pricey? (ex. 60% Cursed Scroll for Weapon ATK.) Not to mention there aren’t any desirable scrolls for headgear and footwear.

In my opinion, I would say keep the Orb. As a Vesteria player the main problems that I see is the imbalance between classes. As an example, Warriors got a Steel Sword, which is arguably the best weapon in the game for Warriors. Upgrading it with only 100% scrolls still makes it incredibly dangerous. A max level hunter gets completely destroyed by this new weapon. The problem with this is this weapon was released BEFORE the respective counterparts were released to the Hunter and Mage shops. Not to mention Hunters still haven’t gotten their Lv. 28 weapon yet.

I realize I will without a doubt receive derogatory comments concerning my opinion about the game’s decisions with the Orb and many other aspects. I know we all have different interests of where this game goes and how it should end up. I’m open to all criticism and happy to respond to your comments with my answers.


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i think the orb should be kept too. its one of the most affordable and no risk way to upgrade gear, aside from 100% scrolls that dont apply to certain items and arent very efficient.

from what ive heard theres gona be an enchantment wipe.

That’s basically orb removal right? No orb, no enchants, and from what I’ve heard, scrolls are still going to be in the game.


orb is no more confirmed haha

if ber really removed the orb for good then blessed items are now collectibles

actually the enchantment problem is why i believe the wipe thing was considered (and not the economy)

steel swords can become op

I mean although I’m not totally against removing the orb, they shouldn’t wipe blessed items because it would mean many players just spent large amounts of money on an item just to lose the enchantments

I would agree that the Orb should stay.
The Orb was one of the best upgrade mechanics I’ve seen in any of the MMORPG games that I’ve played ever. It provides a reliable way to upgrade your items with guaranteed stats that is an exponential costs.
This narrows the gap between new players and end-game players which is one of the hardest things in a game to do properly.
Also the Orb provides a HUGE money sink which is one of the primary ways to prevent inflation.
The problem with inflation is it alienates new players.
By keeping the orb you guarantee that new players can still feel like they can be a part of the game as well.
The problem with scrolls is that they are not exponentially expensive as you add upgrades which adds back in the distance between new/old players.
Hope this feedback helps. :slight_smile:

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rpgs usually have two types of enchanting:

high price, no risk, lower reward
lower price, high risk, high reward

getting rid of the orb kinda messes things up but whatever

i think ber has a level 999999999999 magic bomb if it can destory magic with magic