Orange Potions Poll

So like why are orange potions now $650? Not only can you no longer buy them in Nilgarf but now they are super expensive. Why? I mean, I’m glad that the potion itself isn’t vaulted but like lower the price???

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Um it says you’re required to choose at least 3 options for the poll… did you do that on purpose?

i vote for keep potion as it is and moving it back to Nilgarf

everything else is disagree

ohh shoot…me big brain

Yea I vote keep as is and move to Nilgarf too lol

Farm rubees for orange potions

300 health is a lot

my personal diet is mighty subs so idk man

btw as long as you don’t inhale potions, you can have a large daily supply of purple/orange pots by collecting all the colosseum chests with 9 or more character slots

my personal diet is fresh fish :fish:
plus i have like a stack of them in my inv, so I sell the rest for sliver.

Probably because many players heavily relied on them to last extensive durations during battle, and I am sure within the coming weeks when people’s banks begin to dry and their potion stockpiles plummet the community may see some improvements to new additions such as the Colloseum as obtaining expensive healing potions will be no basic feat.

I relied on spamming orange potions all the time, I am sort of glad this change has come about.

orange potions should be brewable

Orange pots aren’t hard to get, and if you’re looking for healing subs are better, otherwise just use Fresh Fish. Fresh Fish are my personal favorite, just gotta watch the supply b/c it takes a little bit for me to trade more claws for fish (usually try to carry ~3 stacks).

Just Farm Farmer Sam’s Quest & Sid’s Igloo baby yeti quest thats 44 per 6 hours

Sid’s quest doesn’t give Orange Pots.
Randy’s (the snel eye collector) quest does however.