Option to swap between Map servers

I believe it would be really beneficial for Vesteria if it was possible to view a list of the known existing servers for whatever maps players are in - possibly by some sort of billboard location in each map or a new addition to the primary display.

I believe this would assist people who are attempting to join their friends server, which has been a repeated request in the past.

This is especially relevant and prevalent now with the new mob spawning system which relies on player count in order to generate sufficient mobs, with many new servers being made due to blocking which can reduce and harm other players experience.

I would like to hear peoples thoughts on this suggestion.

first haha
also yeah we need a way to prevent blockers from serverblocking others :clown_face:

I have also been affected with the blocking system in which yesterday I was blocked for 5 to 6 hours from joining the “main” forsaken server which had around 25 people. I honestly believe we need this option to come out before anything, this really frustrates me on how I cant join the main server because somebody assumes that “I do too much damage” or that they hate rangers.

blocks exploiter

Exploiter: I’ll just switch to your server then :clown_face:


I’m unaware of how many times you have blocked Exploiters and known because you have blocked them that they are incapable of joining your game but patching or preventing exploiting in the first place is a separate issue altogether in comparison to an issue which fundamentally inhibits other peoples game experience - Considering Vesteria’s partying system and emphasis on teamplay this should be a feature.

ok but why do people block?

If I knew or believed that a subclass called Ranger can do massive damage with almost 0 percent chance of death if they shoot from afar, potentially stealing the loot you have to use effort for, then I would not want to be with a Ranger.

Same goes for a sorcerer in the Nilgarf sewers, with them pretty much stealing the kills (In which case, why should Nilgarf Sewers be more worth than a higher level place like Forsaken Isle? Why should people be stuck in a low level area just because they can kill many of them? note: stuck doesn’t mean physical, its just more worth being in the sewers)

Just like you said to patch exploiters, we can do similarly and balance the classes

now, if they blocked you because they hate you, then that serves the same reason why the blocking system is even there in ROBLOX (other than exploiters)

no one likes being harassed, so they block so they wont be in the same server

remember that if you’re in a big server, and someone has blocked you, they’re the ones being locked out

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People primary block other players to generate new servers for themselves. Adding server-lists wouldn’t actually impede this, but instead allow others to more easily join the newly generated server.

I believe unless the game has custom chat, even if a blocked person joined your game and their were social issues that you wouldn’t be able to see their messages anyway.

And like you have said, rangers being busted-good is an issue of balancing. ‘Powerful’ players who have worked hard to gain powerful equipment by hours of effort don’t deserve to be prevented from playing a game.

The actual main benefit of this update would be that it entirely addresses the issue of people having difficulty joining their friends servers, which has personally happened to myself and many others.

doesnt seem true anymore w/ new update

powerful equipment in a weak area can seriously harm new player development, for example, if Yeti is a boss that level 100 players can soon pretty much nuke, there should be a way out of that kinda situation

strong equipment would later lead the strong people to get out of the areas where weaker people are, so it shouldn’t be much of an issue

seriously, level 45s in a place where the highest level equipment they can get is a level 35 weapon

i think they’d be glad that people that are same/stronger to them are contributing because they’d just die instantly without cooperation in these boss battles in the future that are truly level 45

remember that they can’t kick you out of the server if they blocked you in-game, and that they’d also be locked out

Then maybe don’t have 190 str…

In all seriousness if you don’t want to be blocked leave like half the mobs for everyone. In sewers as a sorcerer everyone hates me but only if I take out every mob within an 737492.83 radius so I generally only take out half the mobs.

First, I don’t kill any of the moglos/moglokos, secondly I don’t even do that much damage compared to a clean tuaa bow…


h m m sounds like a very good idea, i wonder who first came up with it