Option to hide total Money on new Leaderboard:

Decided to make this thread for the new leaderboard update which will be coming out shortly, which looks really incredible by the way:

I believe it is very important that an option to not disclose how much money a player has publicly is also available as this update will dramatically impact trading.

For example, while my personal sum total gold on a single account might be 13 Gold, if I ever attempt to buy an item for a price I desire it is very likely that I will be charged more money with the excuse “you have so much Gold you can obviously afford it”.

For a game such as Vesteria with very strong trading elements, with one of the more popular Vesteria fan Discords being the Vesteria Trading Hub I believe making everybody’s money public knowledge will break down most, if not all negotiation at all. This will heavily drive down trading from those with large amounts of in-game currency.

I wish to hear peoples thoughts.

TL;DR this is honestly more of a Quality of Life update - just please make it optional.

Easy solution
If they say that you should charge less or more
Tell them that they’re poor
2 Things could happen:

  1. If they aren’t then they will get mad and say they aren’t
    then you can say “you have money how about you buy it for the price”
  2. If they are poor then boom ez win you can take it from there it’s not that hard to bean someone

Oh yeah I would also like to hide how I much money I have that would be nice :D.

reasonable judgement

I agree I mean like imagine trying to sell a tiki weapon for 200s but the player ur trying to trade with will ask to lower the price becouse u have 10g then u say no and they don’t trade

Someone like me who has over 100 gold would have to agree with being able to hide the currency amount of players.

Real talk:
When you go to an auction or a store/shop whatever market. In real world scenarios or even in every single rpg/mmo. Other people aren’t able to see how much money you have, only the bank would know how much, not other players.

However, even though there’s no open world pvp sadly at this point in time, if there was and players for example could kill you, and take a portion of your money (the taxable part) it would be interesting to see players use the leaderboard as a way to bounty hunt players.

But for the idea above, it would be highly suggested to keep money hidden, but rank players on a board somewhere for how much money they have, or how many players they have killed.

Stuff like that, but always keep money hidden.

even though im broke, i dont want people seeing my money count, as was mentioned i dont want to be attacked by some sort of karen trying to get my money OR

someone being rude saying lol BloxConquest is POOOORRRR


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Yeah this needs to be a thing. Because if it isn’t, instead of server begging for money, it now becomes
mostly selective.

Then wouldn’t you just not trade with the person? The trade doesn’t have to go through until both players are in an agreement. If the guy/girl doesn’t like your price, then you both can just walk. I definitely see the reason at least, that you don’t want to be charged extra just for being rich.

I guess at the end of the day if I have somebody trying to get the upper hand in a deal I usually don’t have a problem just walking away. You can always remember bad traders’ names and take business elsewhere.