Optimal Stats for Ranger in the current Meta

I see people putting all in dex. I see people putting all in str. I see people putting all in int. I see people doing hybrid between str and dex. Which build give me the highest dmg output?

I’d say that 50 DEX and the rest STR is the meta.

Also, it Terul talon the best dagger rn?

I think it’s one of the best because at midnight you can deal more damage and move faster. It’s also a level 45 weapon that deals 141 attack and has 5 upgrade slots.

10 int is great as well for the perk. Every hit regains one mana and with the amount of time rangers hit things we tend to rarely run out of mana

30 VIT apparently gives you lifesteal, but I don’t know how good it is. I’ve seen rangers use it in-game though, so I can confirm VIT does give lifesteal.